Literature and Film in Portuguese

HISP-P 505 - Prof. Vieira — fall 2022

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Estela Vieira
EP 256
Days and Times
MW 1:15P - 2:30P
Course Description

Prerequisite:  Must be a graduate student

This is a survey course focused on literary works and their film adaptations from the Portuguese-speaking world. Some of the best films from Portugal and Brazil are adaptations of celebrated literary masterpieces. Filmmakers from Portugal, Brazil, and Portuguese-speaking Africa have repeatedly used literature as a way to criticize political regimes and question social codes. This course will provide an historical overview of this link between film and literature. The films selected are highly diverse and reflect a broad range of styles and approaches to movie making. The course will examine the differences between film and literature as media, and attempt to define a politics of adaptation—ways in which films can employ literature to acquire cultural capital, forge national identity, and effect political action.

HISP-P #31509          1:15P - 2:30P      MW              EP 256            Prof. Estela Vieira

Note:  Above class is combined with HISP-P 405 and HISP-P 498.

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