Graduate Study and Professionalization

HISP-S 504 - Prof. Risner — Fall 2023

Jonathan Risner
Series I - GA 2134 and Series II - GA 3067
Days and Times
F 4:00P - 5:30P
Course Description

HISP-S 504  Graduate Study and Professionalization (1 credit)                       

The goal of the Professionalization Workshop Series is to provide support, resources, and opportunities as graduate students transition through various stages of the program and into professional careers—both inside of and outside of academia. This one-credit course requires participation in monthly workshops via Zoom and the completion of a professional portfolio due at the end of the semester. Workshops involve presentations by faculty, alumni, advanced graduate students, and campus professional staff, and can be tailored to diverse student needs. Throughout the series, students will learn how to effectively transition through each stage of the graduate program; how to excel in different genres of academic writing (conference paper, article, dissertation); how to secure research and travel funding; how to assemble a dossier for the academic job market as well as how to explore career opportunities outside of the professoriate, including careers in the digital and public humanities.

Students in the M.A. program or in their first year of the Ph.D. program should register for Series I: Graduate Study and Professionalization (section 11961). Students beyond their first year in the Ph.D. program should register for Series II: Advanced Professionalization (section 11962).​

M.A. students should register for 3 semesters of S504 credit during their degree program.  Ph.D. students should register for an additional 3 semesters of S504 during their degree program. Once students have completed these, they may audit the course in additional semesters with the approval of the DGS.

HISP-S #11961      4:00P-5:30P         F       GA 2134         Prof. Jonathan Risner        

                        Topic:  Series I: Graduate Studies and Professionalization

HISP-S #11962     4:00P-5:30P          F       GA 3067          Prof. Jonathan Risner        

                        Topic:  Series II:  Advanced Professionalization      

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