The acquisition of variation in second language Spanish/ La adquisicion de la variacion en el espanol como segunda lengua.

HISP-S 614 - Dr. Galarza — Fall 2022

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WH 108
Days and Times
MW 9:45A - 11:00A
Course Description

HISP-S 614 The acquisition of variation in second language Spanish/ La adquisición de la variación en el español como segunda lengua.                            LITERATURE

This course explores the intersection between the fields of sociolinguistics and second language acquisition (SLA) to examine how L2 learners acquire sociolinguistic competence in Spanish. After reviewing key sociolinguistic and SLA concepts, this course will focus on (i) the history and development of variationist SLA, (ii) theoretical and methodological approaches to study learners’ variation, (iii) the role of social and linguistic factors on learners’ production and perception of sociolinguistic variants, (iv) learners’ attitudes towards sociolinguistic variants, among other topics of inquiry. We will discuss both pioneering studies, and recent research on Spanish L2 phonological and morphosyntactic variation. Furthermore, we will examine how to bridge the gap between research and teaching Spanish as an L2. Additionally, students will conduct an original research on Spanish L2 variation. Class time will be divided in lectures, discussions, student-led presentations, and activities designed to apply class concepts.

HISP-S #32063         9:45A - 11:00A        MW         WH 108       Dr. Iraida Galarza Galarza

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