Graduate Colloquium on Race, Biopolitics and Colonialism

HISP-S 695 - Prof. Rosenthal — Fall 2022

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Olimpia E. Rosenthal
AC C103
Days and Times
TR 9:45A - 11:00A
Course Description

HISP-S S695 Graduate Colloquium on Race, Biopolitics & Colonialism

This course explores how Europe’s colonization of the Americas influenced the emergence and consolidation of systems of racialization. It considers how life’s politicization, at the regulatory level of populations, was tied to processes of racialization, and what this implies for thinking about how women’s reproductive capacities have been historically regulated. It examines these questions by considering textual and visual narratives from the early modern period, as well as historical studies that help contextualize key legal debates, including over the enslavement of diverse indigenous, African and Asian groups. Among other primary texts, we will read European narratives by Girolamo Benzoni, Christopher Columbus, Bartolome de las Casas, Francis Fletcher, Jean de Lery, Anotonio Pigafetta and Amerigo Vespucci, as well as indigenous accounts of colonization like those of Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala and Fernando de Alva Ixtlixochitl. We will also consider visual representations of the “New World,” including in maps and by artists like Albert Eckhout and Theodore De Bry. The discussions and analyses will be grounded by historical and secondary sources, and will be framed around broader discussions concerning contemporary theories of racialization and biopolitics, including by Giorgio Agamben, Michel Foucault, Achile Mbembe, Daniel Nemser, María Elena Martínez, and Jennifer Morgan.

HISP-S #31392            9:45A - 11:00A         TR         AC C103         Prof. Olimpia Rosenthal

Note:  Above class is combined with REN-R 502    (classical studies contact Dana Koglin)

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