Topics in Catalan Literature

HISP-C618 — Spring 2022

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Edgar Illas
SY 0009
Days and Times
MW 9:25A-11:00A
Course Description

Topic: Catalan Non-Fiction: Medieval, Modern and Contemporary

The emergence of Catalonia as “a nation without a state” or as “a nation in search of a state” constitutes a singular event in the context of modern Europe. Catalonia as a political and cultural entity has not followed any of the two paths that are common in European regions: neither has it become a sovereign state nor has it gradually dissolved into another, larger national union. Instead, Catalonia occupies an in-between position that is a particularly productive space to explore the puzzling relations between cultures, states, and globalization.

The course will analyze the intersection of culture and politics in a variety of Catalan non-fictional texts and materials. The course builds on one fundamental premise. While the intersection of culture and politics in fictional texts must be deciphered through an allegorical reading, in non-fictional works this intersection takes other forms linked to activism, militancy, reflection, and even, hélas!, truth and beauty. To examine this wide array of textual actions and events, we will read a constellation of singular texts from the medieval, modern and contemporary times. Materials will range from Ramon Llull and the medieval chronicles of the Catalan kingdoms (Jaume I) to canonical works by modern essayists (Josep Pla, Jaume Vicens Vives, Raül Garrigasait, Ingrid Guardiola) to contemporary documentaries, blogs, and Twitter threads.

The course will be taught in Catalan. Students who have not taken Catalan should seek the consent of the instructor. This course can fulfill the elective 300/400 level requirement for the Spanish major.

HISP-C 618    #31530    9:45A – 11:00A      MW     SY 0009      Professor Edgar Illas

HISP-C 618    #33347    ARR   ARR    Online  (BTAA - Big Ten Schools)   Professor Edgar Illas

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