Structure of Portuguese Language

HISP-P525 — Spring 2023

Luciana Namorato
PH 019
Days and Times
MW 1:15P-2:30P
Course Description

Prerequisite: Must be a Graduate student

Introduction to the study of the structure of the Portuguese language, both from a descriptive and a prescriptive point of view. The course covers Portuguese as a world-language, and touches upon phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax, as well as relevant aspects of historical grammar, dialectology, semantics, and pragmatics. We will also have a section on topics that are particularly challenging to native speakers of English and Spanish. Students will be evaluated through (short) activities completed throughout the semester. Readings and class discussion in Portuguese.      

HISP-P 525     #31262      1:15P-2:30P       MW        PH 019     Prof. Luciana Namorato   

This class meets with HISP-P 498 & P425

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