Theatre in Portuguese

HISP-P575 — Spring 2023

Luciana Namorato
PH 019
Days and Times
MW 3:00P-4:15P
Course Description

VT:  Social Issues on the Stage    

In this course, we will read plays from Portugal, Brazil, and Portuguese-speaking Africa, with a focus on social issues, including social class battles, racial relations, and gender. We will examine the relationship between plays and their national/historical contexts, and against the background of discussions on social/racial/gender equality, workforce struggles, family relationships, ethnicity, race, and gender, including reproductive rights and violence against women. Students will write three short papers. Students will also have the option of writing a longer final paper or a (creative) work (a play accompanied by a reflection on the writing process). Readings and discussion in Portuguese.  

HISP-P 575    #33566    3:00P-4:15P          MW      PH 019        Prof. Luciana Namorato

Note:  This class meets with HISP-P 475 and HISP-P 498.

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