Topics in Linguistics: Variation and Language in Context

HISP-S612 — Spring 2023

J. César Félix-Brasdefer
BH 141
Days and Times
W 4:45P-7:15P
Course Description

VT:  The Pragmatics of Intercultural Competence

Prerequisite:  S513 or equivalent  

This course examines current issues in intercultural pragmatics and the development of intercultural and interactional competence in foreign language and study abroad contexts. We will critically review existing models and frameworks, including issues of assessment and testing. The first part of the course will review concepts such as pragmatic competence, interactional competence, interculturality, intercultures, context and contexts, intercultural interaction, common ground, and formulaic language. In particular, we will examine the constructs of intercultural and interactional competence and their application to language teaching, learning, and assessment. The second part of the course focuses on empirical studies that analyze the development of intercultural competence and the intercultural speaker abroad.  Research methods for the analysis of intercultural pragmatics will also be covered. Evaluation is based on short assignments, class discussions, and a research project that examines one aspect of intercultural pragmatics or intercultural competence. (Course will be taught in Spanish; readings will be in English and Spanish).

HISP-S 612    #31238    4:45P-7:15P        W          BH 141     Prof. César Félix-Brasdefer

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