Seminar: Themes in Spanish Linguistics

HISP-S712 — Spring 2023

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Leslie Del Carpio
SB 140
Days and Times
TR 9:45A-11:00A
Course Description

VT:  Heritage Language Pedagogy

Prerequisite: Must be a Graduate student

This course covers issues related to heritage language teaching and research from a sociolinguistic and pedagogical perspective. Students will understand the issues that these students and the teaching of this population face through a close reading of seminal articles in the field of heritage language pedagogy and research. The course explains who heritage language learners are, defines the field, and goes over the objectives and sociolinguistic and critical concerns of HL instruction. In addition, the course discusses the best teaching approaches and methods for heritage language instruction, particularly as it relates to literacy development. Some of the practical components in the course include observations along with the creation of lesson plans and instructional materials to prepare aspiring teachers for successful classroom experiences and/or the development of language programs. Requirements of the course include critical essays, online discussions, classroom observations, lesson plans, and a research/applied paper.

HISP-S 712      #13323     9:45A-11:00A       TR        SB 140      Prof. Leslie Del Carpio  

Note: Departmental consent required


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