Second‑Year Spanish II

HISP-S250 - Honors — fall 2022

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BH 138
Days and Times
MWF 11:30A-12:20P
Course Description

Prerequisite: HISP-S 200 or equivalent.

This course continues the work of HISP-S 200 with a continued emphasis on the four skills and on critical thinking skills. Short literary readings are also included. Grades are based on exams and presentations, preparation and homework, compositions, participation, attendance, and a final exam. Preparation and homework load is substantial. After successful completion of this course, the foreign language requirement is fulfilled for schools that require a 4th -semester proficiency. For those students who wish to go on for a minor or major in Spanish, the next course to take would be HISP-S 280 Spanish Grammar in Context.

HISP-S 250  #2115  Honors  11:30A - 12:20P  MWF  BH 138   STAFF

Note: This class open to Hutton Honors Students only

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