Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures

HISP-S324 - Prof. Johnson — fall 2022

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Rhi Johnson
LH 101
Days and Times
TR 3:00P - 4:15P
Course Description

Prerequisite:  S280 or S310 or Consent of the Department

This course offers an introduction to the cultural history of Spain and Latin America, focusing on key moments of cultural exchange and identity construction. It traces the formation of cultural practices in Spain and Latin America from the pre-Columbian period through the twenty-first century, and it offers students a series of transatlantic and transhistorical frameworks on which to build their understanding of the material and non-material culture of the Hispanophone world. The course will cover pre-contact societies on both sides of the Atlantic; contact, conquest, and the ages of exploration; Latin American independence and identity development; 20th-Century dictatorships; and questions of ecology, migration, and sustainability. Through analysis of visual media, music, video, and written texts, students will develop skills in cultural analysis and grow their understanding of the Hispanic world and of the promise of cultural studies. Course conducted in Spanish; students will be evaluated on the basis of class participation, homework, essays, and exams

This course carries CASE AH and CASE GCC distribution credit.

HISP-S #5304        3:00P - 4:15P        TR             LH 101            Prof. Rhi Johnson

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