Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures

HISP-S324 - Prof. Birkenmaier — fall 2022

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Anke Birkenmaier
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Prerequisite:  S280 or S310 or Consent of the Department

This course offers an introduction to the analysis of cultural production in Spain and Latin America across time. It aims to provide students with an overview of the cultural history of these regions, from pre-modern times to the present. Special attention will be given to visual culture (including fine arts, architecture, photography, and film), and to critical categories such as gender, race, and class, and transculturation. The language skills as well as the critical and analytical tools that students learn in this course will prepare them for 400-level courses in Spanish.

This course carries CASE A&H and CASE GCC2 distribution credit.

HISP-S 324  #5307   9:45A - 11:00A  MW    HU 111   Prof. Anke Birkenmaier
HISP-S 324  #6317  11:30A - 12:45P  MW   BH 118   Prof. Anke Birkenmaier


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