Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics - Honors

HISP-S326 - Prof. Amaral — fall 2022

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Patrícia Amaral
BH 147
Days and Times
MW 3:00P - 4:15P
Course Description

Prerequisites:  S280 or Consent of the Department

This course is an introduction to the study of Hispanic Linguistics and provides students with a foundation in the main areas of linguistic analysis. It begins by exploring the goals of Linguistics as a scientific field of study and by examining the features of natural languages. After this general overview the course focuses on the description of the sounds of Spanish and their organization (phonetics and phonology), the structure of words and the different processes of word formation (morphology), the combination of words in larger units of sentence structure (syntax), and the study of word and sentence meaning in its interaction with context (semantics and pragmatics). These areas of study will be explored using data from different varieties of Spanish. The course ends with an overview of the history of Spanish.

Student evaluation is based on class participation, weekly homework assignments, midterm and final exams, an oral presentation, and a short research project.

This class carries CASE NM credit.

HISP-S 326 #4109  HONORS     3:00P - 4:15P      MW      BH 147      Prof. Patricia Matos Amaral

NOTE:  Above class is for Hutton Honors Students Only.

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