Introduction to Hispanic Literature

HISP-S328 -Prof. Cohn — fall 2022

Deborah Cohn
GA 0013
Days and Times
TR 9:45A - 11:00A
Course Description

Prerequisite:  S280 or Consent of the Department


This course provides students with the critical tools needed for the analysis and interpretation of Hispanic literatures through close readings of selected literary works from Spanish America and Spain, with an emphasis on issues of identity construction (e.g., regional, national, racial, gender, and sexuality); the relationship between Spain and Europe, and between Spanish America and the United States; the social and political roles and responsibilities of the writer; and the relationship between art/the artist, society, and politics.  We will study three major genres-poetry, fiction, and the essay-and will become familiar with the goals and methods of literary criticism. Through in-class discussions and written work, students will learn to interpret texts by analyzing their content, ideas, and themes, examining the ways that content and structure/techniques work together to convey themes, and exploring how texts engage with-reflect, respond to, and, often, seek to change-their historical, cultural, social, and/or political contexts. Through discussions, assignments, and writing workshops, students will improve their analytical, writing, and speaking abilities in Spanish. The analytical tools that students learn in this course will also prepare them for more advanced classes in literature and culture.  Students will be evaluated on the basis of class participation, homework, discussion board posts, essays, and one exam.

This course carries CASE AH and CASE GCC distribution credit.

 HISP-S #11744    9:45A - 11:00A      TR                 GA 0013             Prof. Deborah Cohn

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