Panoramas of Hispanic Literature

HISP-S334 — fall 2022

Ryan Giles
SE 245
Days and Times
TR 3:00P - 4:15P
Course Description

Prerequisite:  S328 or Consent of the Department

This panoramic course is intended to help students expand on their knowledge of authors, literary movements and Spanish culture and history more broadly, while developing their skills in literary analysis. The class will focus on representative poetry, prose and dramatic texts from the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period, and the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, exploring how notions of heroism, difference, and gender are represented in Spain across the ages. Class discussion and assignments will be in Spanish.

This class carries the CASE AH Breadth of Inquiry credit.

Note:  This course may count as an elective for the Spanish major or minor.

HISP-S #13220         3:00P - 4:15P          TR           SE 245             Prof. Ryan Giles

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