Mexican Culture in SL Context

HISP-S335 — fall 2022

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SB 230
Days and Times
MW 9:45A - 11:15A
Course Description

Prerequisite: S324 or  S328 or Consent of the Department

This service-learning culture course will focus on Mexican cultural traditions and study how they have been affected by the evolution of regional, national and global identities. We will examine a broad range of visual arts (murals, film, etc.), performing arts (dance, music, etc.), and ritual festival traditions as we study continuities and changes in cultural production in contemporary Mexico. We will employ two pedagogical approaches. First, students will master traditional academic readings, develop written compositions and participate in classroom discussion. Second, they will develop and present innovative, interactive methods to teach cultural understanding to children in Bloomington community-based classroom settings. The course will be taught entirely in Spanish and Spanish will be the target language used in the community partner setting.

This course carries CASE GCC distribution credit.

HISP-S #11749           9:45A - 11:15A        MW     SB 230          Staff

Note: Above class has a Service Learning component.
Note: Above class may count for an elective for the Spanish major or minor.

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