The Craft of Translation

HISP-S423 - Prof. Johnson — fall 2022

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Rhi Johnson
BH 232
Days and Times
TR 4:45P - 6:00P
Course Description

Prerequisite: One of these, HISP-S 324, HISP-S 326, HISP-S 328 or consent of the Department               

What is translation? What does it do? How do translators negotiate the cultural specificity of texts, contexts, writers and readers? Is a translation a reproduction? A new piece of art? How do we translate multilingual texts, texts that bend the rules of language or of gender, texts that represent rich and complex identities by means of language? These are some of the questions that we will work toward answering in The Craft of Translation, alongside practical work and workshopping. Class sessions are a balance of the discussion of translation theory, in-class translation exercises, and the workshopping of longer translation practicums to be completed outside of class. Our approach to the problems and techniques of Spanish/English and English/Spanish translation will concentrate on areas critical to form (tone, rhythm, imagery, humor, etc.) and content (cultural derivation, intertextuality, allusion).

HISP-S 423  #32054   4:45P -  6:00P          TR          BH 232             Prof. Rhi Johnson

Note:  Above class meets with HISP-S 498 #32187. 

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