Luso-Brazilian Colloquium

HISP-P495 — Spring 2022

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Estela Vieira
SW 220
Days and Times
TR 1:15P-2:30P
Course Description

Variable Title:  Thinking in Portuguese:  Essay, Criticism, Theory

NOTE:  Portuguese minors or majors should take this course for 3 credit hours.

This course surveys the writing of some of the most influential thinkers, literary historians, and cultural critics in the Lusophone tradition, including two major figures of the Portuguese Enlightenment, Ribeiro Sanches and Luís António Verney, and others such as Joaquim Nabuco, Gilberto Freyre, Antônio Cândido, Silviano Santiago, Roberto Schwarz, Alfredo Bosi, Jorge de Sena, Eduardo Lourenço, Boaventura Sousa Santos. Alongside these canonical thinkers we also read women-authored essays and manifestos. Our task will be to study the aesthetic debates and the sociopolitical contexts informing these texts, reflect on how these intellectual and philosophical traditions have shaped Lusophone literary history and culture, as well as to reflect on their form and methods.

HISP-P 495    #11835     1:15P-2:30P     TR     SW 220    Prof. Estela Vieira

Above class meets with HISP-P 498 and HISP-P695.

This course carries CASE AH Breath of Inquiry and GCC2 Global, Civilization & Culture 2 credit.

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