Portuguese Honors Seminar

HISP-P498 - Prof. Vieira — spring 2020

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Estela Vieira
BH 139
Days and Times
TR 4:00P-5:15P
Course Description

Variable Title: Contemporary Portuguese Literature
Prerequisite:  Consent of the Department

This course is for majors who are doing Honors in Portuguese.  This HISP-P 498, section #29841 meets with HISP-P 467 and HISP- P 567.

This course carries CASE AH Breath of Inquiry credit.

HISP-P 498  #29841   PERMISSION    4:00P-5:15P    TR   BH 139    Prof. Estela Vieira
Note: Contact Karla Allgood in GA 2169 for permission.   kallgood@indiana.edu 

See course description for HISP-P 467 below:
This course introduces students to the major writers and literary periods of twentieth and twenty-first century Portuguese literature from 1915 to the present. We begin with Fernando Pessoa and modernism, move on to subsequent generations, Presença, neo-realism, existentialism, surrealism, and focus the second half of the course on post-modernist and contemporary work. Students become acquainted with different genres, including poetry, short story, novella, novel, and drama. While learning how to analyze and interpret diverse literary styles, students learn about a period in Portugal’s history of incredible cultural, social, and political change. 

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