Spanish for Heritage Language Learners

HISP-S276 — spring 2020

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GA 0013
Days and Times
MWF 11:15A-12:05P
Course Description

This course is a formal and intermediate study of the Spanish language designed for students who have experience with the target language due to their background and experience in Spanish-speaking contexts, but who may have some gaps in formal writing. This course will help students improve their writing skills and formal registers of the Spanish language, while also exploring their own unique dialects. The course is taught in Spanish and makes use of a variety of readings about the various Latino cultures and societies, histories, and literatures of the Spanish-speaking communities throughout the world. 

HISP-S 276  #31811      11:15A-12:05P    MWF    GA 0013    Dr. Allen Davis

Note:  If you are a heritage speaker of Spanish and your next course to take is HISP-S 250, you should register for HISP-S 276 instead.

Note:  HISP-S 276 counts the same as HISP-S 250 and once you complete HISP-S 276 with a “C” or better you may claims special credit for HISP-S 200 if you don’t have that credit already.

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