Spanish Grammar in Context

HISP-S280 — spring 2022

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Prerequisite: S250 or Consent of the Department.


This course offers a review of the main grammatical structures in Spanish by examining and practicing them in real contexts. Through a variety of readings and documentary films on different aspects of Latin American society, students will consolidate their knowledge of Spanish grammar as they practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing about contemporary topics such as biodiversity and sustainability, globalization, sports, migration, human rights, and gender equality. Among other activities and assignments, students are expected to participate in class conversations, give oral presentations, and write several types of short compositions. By the end of the course, students will have improved their vocabulary and grammar production as well as their oral and written skills, while gaining new insights into contemporary Latin American cultures and events. 

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Note:  Class number #4659  HONORS   11:30A-12:45P    TR   SW 217   STAFF
Above section #4659 is for Hutton Honors Students only.

Note: Section #4653    9:45A-11:00A  TR   WH 109  STAFF  For Heritage Speakers who speak Spanish at home regularly.

Note: Section #4657   11:30A-12:45P  TR   WT 12-029B   STAFF For Heritage Speakers who speak Spanish at home regularly.

Note: Section  #4661    4:45P-6:00P  TR   taught  ONLINE-HD Distance    STAFF.

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