Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures

HISP-S324 - Prof. Dove — spring 2022

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Patrick Dove
BH 145
Days and Times
MW 9:45A-11:00A
Course Description

Prerequisite: S280 or S310 or equivalent.

This course offers an overview of the cultural history of Spain and Spanish America from early medieval to the contemporary world, focusing on key moments of cultural conflict and social transformation. We will study historical periods and their cultural manifestations: ancient civilizations of the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula such as the Roman, Mayan, Aztec, and Inca empires; Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Spain in the Middle Ages; the Spanish empire and the conquest and colonization of America; nationalism and nation formation in the 19th century; revolutions, wars, democracy, globalization and migration.

Focusing on cultural artefacts or texts, we will explore continuities and discontinuities between past and present, while discussing how the past affects the present and the present recreates the past. Special attention will be given to visual culture, including painting, photography, and film. We will also learn about and discuss critical categories such as gender, race, ethnicity, and class, as well as concepts relevant to Latin American and Spanish histories such as imperialism and colonialism, nationalism, mestizaje, and indigenismo. The combination of learning about diversity within the Hispanic world while developing critical and analytical skills will help improve your cultural competence and prepare you for 400-level courses in Spanish.

HISP-S 324   #6229     9:45A-11:00A   MW    BH 145        Prof. Patrick Dove

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