Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures

HISP-S324 - Prof. Vila-Belda — spring 2022

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Reyes Vila-Belda
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Prerequisite: S280 or S310 or equivalent.

This course offers an introduction to the cultural history of Spain and Latin America from ancient to modern times. It provides students with an overview of the Hispanic cultural production and related historical context. We will analyze selected literary texts, artworks, architecture, and films. Class discussions will focus on themes such as conquest and colonialism, nation formation, and modernization, in addition to the changing roles of gender, race, class, and transculturation. Both the language skills and the critical and analytical tools that students develop in this course will prepare them for 400-level courses in Spanish.

HISP-S 324   #5780     11:30A-12:45P      TR       BH 138           Prof. Reyes Vila-Belda
HISP-S 324   #5431      1:15P-2:30P         TR       BH 138           Prof. Reyes Vila-Belda

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