Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

HISP-S326 - Prof. Del Carpio — spring 2023

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Leslie Del Carpio
SB 138
Days and Times
TR 1:15P-2:30P
Course Description

Prerequisite:  S280 or S310 or equivalent.     

This course deepens the knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language from an introduction to linguistics, the scientific study of human language. After an introduction to language, the course covers basic concepts in morphology, the internal structure of words, including a description of the formation of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs(morphology). Next, the course describes the organization of the sound system of Spanish (phonetics and phonology). This unit includes the presentation of the principles of phonetic transcription as well as important phonological processes. Then, in order to examine how words combine at the sentence level, we will study the basic concepts of sentence structure (syntax) and its connection to meaning (semantics) and its use in context (pragmatics). Lastly, we will cover linguistic variation in the Spanish-speaking world through the relationships of language and social structures (sociolinguistics), and how languages interact and influence each other (contact linguistics).

This class carries CASE NM credit.

HISP-S 326      #9785    1:15P-2:30P     TR      SB 138      Prof. Leslie Del Carpio    

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