Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

HISP-S326 — spring 2022

collage of Spanish words related to linguistics
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Course Description

Prerequisites:  S280 or Consent of the Department

This course offers a foundation in the areas and methodologies central to the study of Hispanic linguistics. Students will learn analysis tools and apply them to the scientific study of Spanish, including analyses of the sound system (phonetics and phonology), the structure of words and sentences (morphology and syntax), variation and use of Spanish in social contexts (sociolinguistics), and how meaning is created and communicated (semantics and pragmatics). After taking this course students will be able to take advanced coursework in Hispanic linguistics, have an expanded understanding of the Spanish language, and the unique human capacity for language learning. This course is conducted in Spanish.  

This class carries CASE NM credit.

HISP-S 326   #6816       9:45A-11:00A      TR      BH 314        STAFF
HISP-S 326   #4665     11:30A-12:45P      TR      BH 313        STAFF
HISP-S 326   #4666       1:15P-2:30P        TR      AC C118      STAFF
HISP-S 326   #10697     1:15P-2:30P        TR      FF 114         STAFF
HISP-S 326   #5203       3:00P-4:15P        TR      BH 344        STAFF
HISP-S 326   #4668       3:00P-4:15P        TR      SE 245        STAFF
HISP-S 326   #4667       3:00P-3:50P      MWF    GA 0013      STAFF
HISP-S 326   #4669       4:45P-6:00P        TR      GA 0005      STAFF

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