Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

HISP-S326 — spring 2020

collage of Spanish words related to linguistics
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Course Description

Prerequisites:  S280 or Consent of  the Department

This course provides the opportunity to learn the tools of linguistic analysis and to apply them to the study of Spanish.  Attention will be given to different levels of linguistic analysis including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, second language acquisition, and language variation.  Class time will be divided between problem-solving tasks, lecture, and active discussion.  Evaluation will include in-class engagement, homework, experiments, and exams. The class is conducted entirely in Spanish.

This class carries CASE NM Natural & Mathematical distribution credit.

HISP-S 326  #8138        9:30A-10:45A       TR        EP 256       STAFF
HISP-S 326  #6301       10:10A-11:00A     MWF     SY 0009     STAFF  
HISP-S 326  #5408       10:10A-11:00A     MWF    FA 005        STAFF
HISP-S 326  #5409         1:00P-2:15P        TR        SY 0009     STAFF
HISP-S 326  #5751         1:00P-2:15P        TR       SW 103       STAFF
HISP-S 326  #5411         1:25P-2:15P       MWF    GA 0005      STAFF
HISP-S 326  #30853       2:30P-3:45P       MW      ED 10023    STAFF
HISP-S 326  #6076         2:30P-3:45P       TR        BH 246        STAFF
HISP-S 326  #5412         2:30P-3:45P       TR         BH 138       STAFF
HISP-S 326  #5410         2:30P-3:20P      MWF      BH 245       STAFF
HISP-S 326  #5413         4:00P-5:15P       TR         BH 245       STAFF

Note: Class number #6301 is for Hutton Honors Students only.

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