Introduction to Hispanic Literature

HISP-S328 - Prof. Johnson — spring 2023

Rhi Johnson
SB 140
Days and Times
TR 1:15P-2:30P
Course Description

Prerequisite:  S280 or Consent of the Department

Why do we read? What counts as literature? How can we approach texts of different genres and get below their surface to access both more of their beauty and what they can tell us about the world? This course invites students to explore Hispanic literatures, and helps them develop the tools and skills of interpretation and analysis: what is the difference between opinion and interpretation? Is any interpretation of a text valid? In content, this class centers questions of race, class, and gender in three literary genres from across eras and origins in the Hispanic world: essay, verse, and narrative. We will engage with the varied ways that texts both interact intentionally with their literary movements and historical contexts and unintentionally reflect the dreams, hopes, anxieties, and prejudices of the societies that produce them. Through class discussions and written work, students will work towards producing close readings and interpretations that are creative, insightful, and grounded in evidence and research. Course conducted in Spanish; students will be evaluated via class participation, homework, essays, and written assessment.

This course carries CASE AH and CASE GCC distribution credit.

HISP-S 328    #4431    1:15P-2:30P         TR        SB 140       Prof. Rhi Johnson

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