Modern Spanish Prose Fiction

HISP-S419 - Prof. Dinverno — spring 2022

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Melissa Dinverno
BH 344
Days and Times
TR 1:15P-2:30P
Course Description

Prerequisite:  HISP-S 328 or Consent of the Department

“Contesting Repression: 20th-Century Spanish Fiction (1939-1990)”
(S419) Modern Spanish Prose Fiction

With the fascist triumph in the Spanish Civil War and the installation of the Franco Regime, Spain began one of the most complex periods of its history. The experiences of war and dictatorship have been determining factors in Spain’s cultural production through most of the twentieth century. Permeating society, their effects have lingered on long after the country’s transition to democracy was well under way in the 1980s. This course will analyze twentieth-century Spanish cultural production through the lens of repression and resistance, looking at ways intellectuals have configured and contested forces of constraint.

The first section of the course explores how artists both represented and pushed back against repression and the totalitarian state from within the system itself (1939-1975). How can those within position themselves in order to contemplate and resist a system that labels and combats both of these very acts as subversive? We will explore the kinds of spaces writers created that allowed them room for maneuver and within which they could both struggle with authority and speak of the experience as a subject of totalitarianism. The second section of the course examines the idea of contesting in terms of “response”, as the country underwent a transition to democracy and moved beyond the Franco regime (1975-1990). Here, we will look at the way these texts respond to the Franco era as an apparently past event, both reexamining that experience, and voicing a preoccupation with self-construction and defining the emergent nation. 

Within this frame, some of the issues we will discuss are (self)censorship, exile, gender and sexuality, memory, the power of writing/storytelling, and identity construction.

Class discussions and assignments will be in Spanish. Evaluation will likely be based on a combination of active participation, oral presentations, and analytical essays.

This course carries CASE AH Breadth of Inquiry credit and GCC credit.

HISP-S 419     #31825        1:15P-2:30P     TR    BH 344    Prof. Melissa Dinverno

Note:  Above class meets with HISP-S 498  Readings for Honors

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