Hispanic Cinema

HISP-S422 - Prof. Risner — spring 2022

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Jonathan Risner
BH 140 (Film Showing M 6:30P-9:00P WH 007)
Days and Times
MW 1:15P-2:30P (Film Showing M 6:30P-9:00P WH 007)
Course Description

This course will provide an overview of cinemas within Spain and will encompass film’s inception in Spain at the end of the nineteenth-century through the present. Films will be paired with readings that broach particular film genres, topics, and/or concepts, which will likely include: modernity; dictatorship and memory; screen violence; gender and sexuality; regionalisms; experimental cinema; funding and production structures; cinematic allegories; transnationalism; cinematic legacies of empire; Netflix; local comedies; horror and exploitation cinemas; and home movies.
Albeit helpful, students need not have taken a prior class about cinema. Over the progression of the semester, the course will touch on formal film terms, such as framing, camera movements, and mise-en-scène, among others. Students will do homework assignments on a regular basis, develop a final paper in different phases, and write a midterm and final exam. NOTE: while there is a scheduled screening time for movies, students will be able to stream all the films and do NOT need to attend the screenings.   

HISP-S 422    #31845     1:15P-2:30P    MW   BH 140 (Film Showing M WH 007  6:30P-9:00P)         Prof. Jonathan Risner

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