The Structure of Spanish

HISP-S427 - Prof. Amaral — spring 2023

The picture shows concordances for the construction ''andar + gerund" found in a corpus of contemporary Spanish.
Patrícia Amaral
LH 030
Days and Times
MW 4:45P-6:00P
Course Description

In this course we study the grammatical structure of Spanish, with a focus on the structure of words (morphology) and the rule-based combination of words to form sentences (syntax). After studying the fundamental concepts of morphology with regard to the properties of lexical categories (e.g. noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition), we analyze the ways in which words combine to form syntactic categories at the phrase level (noun phrase, verb phrase, adjectival phrase, adverbial phrase, prepositional phrase), and then at the sentence level. We analyze the syntactic and semantic properties of both simple and complex sentences. Some of the topics discussed in the course include: argument structure, word order, negation, tense and aspect, and information structure.

Student evaluation is based on class participation, weekly homework assignments, midterm and final exam, and two small research projects in which students will explore topics in morpho-syntactic variation within the Spanish speaking world.

This course carries CASE N & M Natural and Mathematical credit.

HISP-S S427   #10647     4:45P-6:00P      MW    LH 030     Prof. Patricia Amaral        

Note: S427 is combined with HISP-S 498 #10648      

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