Hispanic Colloquium

HISP-S495 - Prof. Díaz-Campos — spring 2020

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Manuel Díaz-Campos
BH 337
Days and Times
MWR 4:00P-5:30P
Course Description

HISP-S 495  Hispanic Colloquium  (3 credits)      LINGUISTICS      2nd 8 Weeks Class 3/9/20-5/08/20

Variable Title:  Quantitative approaches to the study of language & culture diversity of Southern Spain
Prerequisite:  HISP- S326 or Consent of the Department
Co-Requisite: HISP-X 395  Global Experience in Spanish

This undergraduate course provides an introduction to the basic concepts in Sociolinguistics. Sociolinguistics focuses on the symbolic value of language as an expression of group identity based on region, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, age, or other ways of defining group affiliation. Notions such as speech community, sociolinguistic variable, phonological and syntactic variation, and field methods, will be included. The course also surveys other related topics such as Spanish in Southern Spain, language attitudes and perceptions (particularly in Murcia), language and gender, and linguistic landscape. This class introduces student in the use of the scientific method to study language use, and as a consequence, to make generalizations about the cognitive representation of social indexical information in our sociolinguistic competence. The class focuses on observing linguistic variable phenomena in Southern Spain, collecting data, processing these data, creating and testing hypotheses that are empirically examine by means of statistical analysis. These approaches to the study of language as human capacity provide the opportunity for students to understand scientific inquiry as well as to apply analytical reasoning and mathematical modeling of data by means of statistic tools. Our program will provide the tools for students to identify relevant sociolinguistic topics that can be extrapolated to other communities as well as become skilled researchers in the field of Hispanic Linguistics.

This course carries the CASE N&M credit, Natural and Mathematical credit.

HISP-S 495   30186      4:00P-5:30P   MWR    BH 337    Prof. Manuel Díaz-Campos

Note: The Above class meets with HISP-S  498  Readings for Honors, #30187.
Note: Students taking this class may also sign up for HISP-X 395 #30881 – Where you’ll travel to Murcia, Spain from 5/10/20– 5/24/20. For permission for HISP-X 395 go to: go.iu.edu/ASPIREstudytours or e-mail colloia@indiana.edu

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