Introduction to the Hispanic Cultures

HISP-S324 — summer ii - June 20 - July 29, 2022

fragment of Diego Rivera’s Murals depicting history of Mexico
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MTWRF 8:10A - 9:25A US Eastern Standard Time
Course Description

Prerequisite:  S280 or Consent of the Department

This course offers an introduction to the cultural history of Spain and Latin America, from ancient to modern times. Students learn about the key historical events, ideas, struggles and achievements that have helped shape across centuries what we now call Hispanic cultures. Topics may include: the legacy of Roman and Muslim Iberia, processes of conquest, colonialism, and mestizaje, nation formation, modernization, and the changing roles of religion, race and gender over time. Through discussions, written compositions and exams, students learn to critically read and better understand the complex history and composition of Hispanic cultures, and to develop original arguments in written and spoken Spanish. The class is conducted entirely in Spanish.

This course carries CASE AH Breadth of Inquiry and CASE GCC2  Global Civilization & Culture 2 distribution credit.

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