Honors requirements

To be eligible for honors in Spanish and Portuguese you must have an overall grade point average of 3.350 with at least a 3.500 average in their Spanish or Portuguese major courses and have completed all required coursework at the 300 level for their major. It is expected that you will maintain these GPAs until graduation. Qualified students are encouraged to apply directly to the program by contacting the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the administrative undergraduate secretary.

The pathway to Honors

If you are admitted to the Honors Programs, you are required to:

  • Take a HISP S-498/P-498 Readings for Honors course, combining it with a 400-level course in a subject of your interest. This should happen sometime during your junior year or, at the latest, during the first semester of your senior year.
  • Ask a Spanish or Portuguese professor to become your research director. You then develop, with his or her approval, a feasible research project on any aspect of Luso/Hispanic literatures, cultures, or linguistics.
  • Register for HISP-S499 or P499 during the semester in which you are writing your thesis.
  • Form an Honors Thesis Committee in consultation with your director. The committee will consist of at least two other professors who will serve as readers.
  • Defend your thesis to your committee.

After a successful defense of the Honors thesis and completion of all the required coursework for the major, you will earn the Honors distinction in Spanish or Portuguese, receiving an Honors cord for graduation.

Students admitted to the Honors program in Spanish are strongly encouraged to apply for membership in Sigma Delta Pi.

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