Departmental Resources

Departmental resources

Grupo de Teatro VIDA

VIDA is a Spanish- and Portugese-language performance group for both native and non-native speakers on the IUB campus. VIDA stands for: Vision, Identity, Drama, and Art.

We produce plays that foster cultural understanding and promote the richness of Hispanic and Lusophone cultures through live theatre in Bloomington. We seek to establish an annual performance in Spanish, creating a space where we can bring together students and professors from the IU Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the Hispanic community of Bloomington and IU, and the broader Bloomington theatre community—working together to produce quality productions.

Visit the VIDA website

Grupo Ñ

Grupo Ñ is a Spanish and Latin American culture club for Indiana University students who are studying the Spanish language. We focus on planning events to broaden our understanding of Spanish-speaking culture and provide a forum for practicing our communication skills in Spanish.

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Medieval, Early Modern and Colonial Hispanic Studies Research Group (MEM)

MEM was founded in Spring 2006 by Professors Catherine Larson, Steven Wagschal, and Juan Carlos Conde (now at Oxford University). We host lectures, colloquia, and symposia to promote the interchange of ideas between scholars in the U.S., the Americas, and Europe, and work to enhance the Hispanic culture and literature research of our own graduate students and faculty. Our current membership includes six faculty and ten graduate students.

Contact Professors Ryan Giles or Steve Wagschal for more information.

Proyecto Ancla

Since 1999, Proyecto Ancla has been a technology-enhanced instructional project developed by the IU Department of Spanish and Portuguese. As a tool for foreign language instruction, its purpose is to enhance the content and evaluation aspects of language and culture courses. It does this through innovative uses of technology, customized for learners of Spanish. Proyecto Ancla serves an annual population of approximately 6,000 students enrolled in the first four semesters of Spanish.

Access to this project is restricted to IUB students enrolled in the beginner and intermediate-level courses (S100, S150, S105, S200, and S250).

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Sala Agapito Rey Catalog
Spanish Linguistics Lab

The Spanish Linguistic Lab is an initiative of the Hispanic Linguistics faculty to facilitate departmental graduate student research. The lab can be used by individuals and groups to conduct research, collect data, and do collaborative work.

Contact Manuel Díaz-Campos if you have questions about the lab.