Spanish as a Heritage Language


Why take these courses?

These courses take into consideration and appreciate the linguistic and cultural knowledge the student already has and brings to the classroom. Some of the general themes covered in these courses vary from linguistic and cultural identity, language attitudes and ideologies, Latines and Hispanics in the US, Spanish around the world with an emphasis on Spanish in the US.


HISP-S 251 Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers (3 Credits)

Prerequisite:  HISP-S 200 or appropriate placement score

Focuses on the practicing of Spanish across modalities, discussing identity aspects, and exploring social and historical contexts. Students will deepen their knowledge of their cultural heritage and develop an appreciation for the cultural and linguistic variation present in the Spanish-speaking world.

HISP-S 281 Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers (3 Credits)

Prerequisite:  HISP-S 251 or appropriate placement score

Seeks to develop knowledge of how Spanish grammar is used distinctly in different situations and understanding of its contextualized social value. This course will help the student expand their explicit knowledge of Spanish and their language skills to academic contexts. Student will also examine the main characteristics of Spanish grammar through a social perspective that explains how and why grammar varies according to environment, social group, and situation.

HISP-S 309 Spanish Writing for Heritage Speakers (3 Credits)

Prerequisite:  HISP-S 281 or appropriate placement score

Offers the tools to continue expanding their written Spanish skills for use in various genres and styles typically used in the academic setting. Through the study of political, educational, cultural, sociolinguistic, and literary issues related to Hispanics and Spanish in the United States, students will expand their composition and oral skills.

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