Internship Opportunities


Internships offer you a chance to develop both technical and transferable skills while making vital professional contacts with others in the field. Many students begin exploring internship opportunities, including overseas study programs with internships, as early as their freshman year.

Opportunities relevant to the Spanish and Portuguese department can be found at these and other organizations:

Learn more about internships, including the possibility of receiving credit, through The Walter Center for Career Achievement, where you’ll find many resources for both domestic and international internships.

Post-graduate short-term experiences

Once you have completed a degree in Spanish or Portuguese, you may want to launch your post-graduate career with an international internship or other short-term experience. Students who have participated in one of our study abroad programs have gained experience that provides insight into further possibilities for immersion in another culture. Opportunities are available through these and other organizations:

Teaching overseas

These organizations offer overseas teaching opportunities, allowing you to put your language skills to use while further developing your Spanish or Portuguese:

Using these and other resources, your career coach can help you craft a unique post-graduate short-term experience, whether in the United States or abroad.