Diverse + Research active

Our faculty mission is diverse. Collectively, we make contributions across many fields of inquiry, using multidisciplinary and innovative approaches for research and dissemination. Our research-active faculty and graduate students benefit from internal support and initiatives that foster collaboration and inquiry.

There are several concrete measures of the quality of our work, such as the competitive venues in which we publish, the recognition through awards and competitive grants for this research, and the visibility we achieve as a unit through invited talks and scholarly presentations.

Collaborative inquiry + teaching

Most or all members of the department are actively engaged in interdisciplinary ventures and are affiliated or adjunct members of other units, including American Studies, the Brazilian Studies Group, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), Center for Theoretical Inquiry in the Humanities, Cognitive Science, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, European Studies, Gender Studies, History, International Studies, Linguistics, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, and Second-Language Studies.

Reciprocally, tenure-stream faculty in the Departments of American Studies, History, English, Comparative Literature, Art History and Religious Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Anthropology, Latino Studies, and Second Language Studies, consider themselves adjuncts of Spanish and frequently engage in workgroups and/or serve on dissertation committees with us. All of these connections enhance our research agendas and are important to student learning especially at the graduate level.

Meet our faculty