Career Preparation

Preparation for meaningful careers

Our students go on to exciting futures in business, law, education, the humanities, and medicine. A large number are double majors in a health science field; they find that Spanish or Portuguese provides them with the language skills and cultural preparation they need to succeed in their careers.

You will gain an understanding of not only the language, but also the history, religion, art, literature, politics, and economics of specific Spanish- or Portuguese-speaking cultures.

The study of language, literature, culture, and linguistics is a cornerstone of both a liberal arts education and of preparing global citizens to make their way in the world, respond creatively to new challenges, and flourish in a variety of careers.

Career paths

Students with B.A. majors in Spanish and Portuguese take their education in many directions, whether moving directly into a career or going on to graduate or professional studies. Initial and long-term destinations for graduates include positions in many job sectors: federal and state government, industry and commerce, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, education, travel/tourism, interpretation/translation, medical, law, business, and arts/entertainment.

Our undergraduates have become cultural language assistants, translators, teaching assistants, English teachers, marketing coordinators, credential analysts for international admissions offices, project managers, program assistants with social justice organizations, and police officers. They often coordinate their degrees with study in the social sciences, public policy, criminal justice, education, or health services—entering careers in those fields.