Espectáculo: Antología del Drama Hispánico

Denise M. DiPuccio, Catherine Larson
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This diverse anthology includes twelve dramatic texts of varying lengths from both sides of the Atlantic, from early times to the present, penned by women as well as men. The editors have incorporated a number of resources to help readers under­stand and appreciate the goals of imagining the plays onstage and experiencing the complex nature of the art of performance. These resources consist of a general introduction to the genre and theater his­tory; appendices with vocabulary and exercises for understanding character and talking or writing about the theater; and, for each play, an introduction, pre-reading questions, bibliography, com­prehension and discussion questions, and exercises specifically related to performance. In addition to serving advanced undergraduates and graduate students, the edition will also be of interest to native and heritage speakers of Spanish who are in­terested in the theater.