M.A. Final Examination

Final examination for M.A. degrees

The three M.A. degrees, in Hispanic Literatures, Hispanic Linguistics, and Portuguese, all culminate with a six-hour written examination, based on a reading list, and a one-hour oral examination if the written exam warrants it.

Both exams must be passed at least two weeks before the end of the semester in which the degree is to be granted. Students must demonstrate a good command of oral and written Spanish language on the examinations.

There are separate reading lists for students in Hispanic Literatures, Hispanic Linguistics, and Portuguese; find these in the graduate student portal.

Exams are held on a Friday in early February each Spring semester, and in early November (Fall semester) as needed.

Additional provisions

Our M.A. students must serve one year (or longer at the discretion of the department) as associate instructors in the department. If you have taught elsewhere may petition the faculty to have that experience fulfill this requirement.