First Year Spanish

HISP-S105 — fall 2022

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This introductory and intensive course is designed for students with two or more years of high-school Spanish study and covers the essential beginning grammar and vocabulary of our first year Spanish courses, S100 and S150. Courses are all taught in Spanish at a level appropriate for the course. Students will practice speaking in small groups in class and will read and discuss a variety of topics in Spanish. Grading is based on exams, homework, participation, attendance, and a final exam. As this course covers all of the material of HISP-S100 and HISP-S150, the homework load is substantial. Credit is not given for both HISP-S105 and HISP-S100 or HISP-S105 and HISP-S150. The next course in the sequence is HISP-S200 Second Year Spanish I.

To see our HISP active courses and class times for fall 2022, go to One.IU, Student Center and search on HISP-S for Spanish, HISP-P for Portuguese and HISP-C for Catalan.

NOTE: HISP-S 105   #17042  10:00A - 10:50A   MTWR   BH 238   is for Hutton Honors Students Only.

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