Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Speakers

HISP-S251 — fall 2023

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Prerequisite:  HISP-S 200 or appropriate placement score

An intermediate language course designed for heritage students, who grew up speaking/hearing Spanish at home or in their communities. Focuses on the practicing of Spanish across modalities, discussing identity aspects, and exploring social and historical context. Students will deepen their knowledge of their cultural heritage and develop an appreciation for the cultural and linguistic variation present in the Spanish-speaking world.

Note: HISP- S251 is equivalent to HISP-S 250 and is for Heritage Speakers, students who grew up with Spanish being spoken in their homes and communities.

To see our HISP active courses and class times for fall 2023, go to One.IU, Student Center and search on HISP-S for Spanish, HISP-P for Portuguese and HISP-C for Catalan.

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