Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers

HISP-S281 — fall 2023

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Course Description

Prerequisite:  HISP-S 251 or appropriate placement score

Provides advanced study of Spanish grammar for heritage students, who grew up speaking/hearing Spanish at home or in their communities. Seeks to develop knowledge of how Spanish grammar is used distinctly in different situations and understanding of its contextualized social value. This course will help the student expand their explicit knowledge of Spanish and your their language skills to academic contexts. Student will also examine the main characteristics of Spanish grammar through a social perspective that explains how and why grammar varies according to environment, social group, and situation.

Note: HISP-S 281 is for Heritage speakers of Spanish.  Students who grew up with Spanish being spoken in the home.

Note: If HISP-S 281 is the first Spanish class you take with us, it may be used in place of HISP-S 280 to claim special credit for HISP-S 200 & HISP-S 250.

  1. You need to completed HISP-S 281 with a “C” or better.
  2. Not have S200 or S250 on your transcript yet.
  3. You are NOT a native speaker of Spanish.

Note: HISP-S 281 counts the same as HISP-S 280 for the Spanish major and minor degrees.

Note: Equivalent to HISP-S 280

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