Introduction to Film Analysis in Spanish

HISP-S322 — fall 2022

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Jonathan Risner
SB 140
Days and Times
TR 9:45A - 11:00A
Course Description

Prerequisite: S280 or S310 or equivalent.

This course aims: (1) to introduce students to terms common to film analysis and film theory in Spanish; (2) to expose students to different film genres from Latin American countries and Spain; (3) provide students with an understanding of select cultural and historical factors that have influenced film production in Latin America and Spain. The first half of the course will be devoted to recognizing and understanding the formal components of film. In the course’s second half, we will examine how cinema can communicate a story and consider theoretical concepts common to film studies (e.g., auteur theory, genre studies, realism, ideology, gender, transnationalism) and how they manifest themselves in Latin American and Spanish cinemas. Generally, the class will watch one or two movies per week. Students will view the movies by streaming them online and will also have the *option* of attending evening screenings once a week.  

HISP-S #31987       9:45A - 11:00A       TR              SB 140       Prof. Jonathan Risner

OPTIONAL -  film screening        6:45P-9:00P           T          SB 231

This course carries CASE A&H distribution credit.

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