Spanish America: The Cultural Context

HISP-S412 - Prof. Mejias-Lopez — fall 2022

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Alejandro Mejías-López
PY 113
Days and Times
MW 3:00P - 4:15P
Course Description

Topic: Spanish American Culture for a Global Audience: from Primitivism to Netflix. Prerequisite:  HISP-S324 or a 300-level Spanish literature course

Netflix is radically changing the production and reception of TV and film across the world. In the process, Netflix shows are constantly negotiating between cultural specificity and cultural intelligibility across audiences and, as a result, significantly changing the way societies and cultures are being portrayed and perceived globally. How is this ongoing phenomenon affecting 21st century Spanish America, where Netflix has expanded dramatically?

After a short historical overview of how Spanish American culture was projected internationally in the 20th century, this course will focus on several Netflix shows produced in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina as a way to study different aspects of contemporary Spanish American cultures and societies.

The course will combine critical analysis with project-based research on specific contemporary social and cultural elements (such as sports, youth, religion, class, race, gender, etc.) as we explore the complex relationship between “reality” and “fiction”, that is, between actual social and cultural manifestations and their representation on TV and in film aimed at a global audience.

The class will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

This course carries CASE A&H and CASE GCC credits.

HISP-S 412  #32053   3:00P - 4:15P       MW       PY 113     Prof. Alejandro Mejías-López

Note:  Above class meets with HISP-S 498 #32180.

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