Spanish Phonetics

HISP-S425 - Dr. Davis — fall 2022

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K. Allen Davis
TV 186
Days and Times
MW 8:00A - 9:15A
Course Description

Prerequisite:  HISP-S 326 or Consent of the Department               

This course examines the sound system of the Spanish language.  Topics include the articulatory system, the characteristics and description of Spanish sounds, the patterns of Spanish sounds, the historical development of modern Spanish from Latin, and the variation of the Spanish sound system. Attention will also be given to differences between Spanish and English sounds.  This course will also provide students with the opportunity to improve their Spanish pronunciation through greater understanding of how the Spanish sound system works.  Course evaluation is based on homework assignments, two exams, and a final course project.

This course carries CASE N & M Natural and Mathematical credit.

HISP-S 425  #6842    8:00A - 9:15A         MW     TV 186         Dr. K. Allen Davis

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