Spanish Language Programs- OLD

Many options for overseas language programs

Students in Spanish have the opportunity to choose among a great number of study abroad programs. Yearlong programs are available in Lima and Madrid, and semester-long options include Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Spain. For summer study, students may choose to visit Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, or the Dominican Republic. For short-term study abroad, Costa Rica is an option. The top destinations are Spain, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Our yearlong or semester-long Madrid program, known as “WIP,” is shared administratively with the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University. It is currently directed by Professor Dinverno. This is a venerable program at the Complutense University. Acknowledging the importance of this program to Indiana University, IU President Michael McRobbie participated in its 60th anniversary celebration in Madrid in May 2018. We typically send 10-20 students on this program each year from the IU system.

We also administer two programs in the Dominican Republic, led by IU faculty. Courses taken within this program are part of our current curriculum at the upper division. The 5-week program began in 2013; it regularly takes 20+ students who each earn 6 credit hours pursuing the equivalent of our gateway courses, S324 and S326. In 2016 we inaugurated a new service-learning conversation program. Students in this program engage in active community-based service while developing their language skills.

Semester- and yearlong programs

Students may have an option to extend the duration of semester-long language programs to a year. Ideal for upper-level language learners, these options offer coursework in many subject areas taught in Spanish.

Madrid, Spain IU progam

Study in Madrid for either a semester or an academic year, living in the geographical and political center of Spain. The Madrid program, administered by IU for over 50 years, is designed to immerse you in both the language and culture of this vibrant city, with the opportunity to live with local students or families. Enroll in a combination of courses housed within the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, studying with other students from the U.S and taking local classes with Spaniards. Find a handbook specific to this program through the Overseas Study Center.

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Lima, Peru IU program

The Lima program offers both semester and academic year durations for students with exceptional Spanish language skills. Live in Lima, the political and cultural capital of Peru, a large city on the Pacific coast with both colonial and modern neighborhoods. This highly independent, co-sponsored program immerses you in both language and culture. Take classes with Peruvians at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

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IU Semester/Summer programs in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

SIT Social Movements and Human Rights Program in Argentina

Study social movements and human rights while conducting a research project in Buenos Aires, the cultural, economic, and political capital of Argentina. This program, offered through the School for International Training (with courses based at the SIT center), offers a rich environment in which to consider the social and historic events that have influenced human development throughout Argentina. This is a semester-long program providing experiential learning opportunities, with courses taught in Spanish for U.S.-based students. Earn 16 IU credits, participate in a homestay living situation, and consider the optional internship. Apply directly to SIT Study Abroad to participate in their programs.

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Buenos Aries, Argentina Liberal Arts CIEE Program

Offered both Fall and Spring semesters (15 IU credits) as well as in the Summer (6-7 IU credits), this program in Buenos Aires is co-sponsored with CIEE. It enables you to experience this large, Latin American metropolis, known for its varied architecture and strong European influences. Enroll in a range of center-based CIEE offerings with other U.S. students and take courses at local universities alongside Argentine students. Immersion components include a homestay and an optional service learning placement.

IU Summer/Semester programs in Chile

Santiago, Chile CIEE program

Santiago, the expansive, cosmopolitan capital city of Chile, is located between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. This Liberal Arts semester or academic year program enrolls students in culture and language courses with other participants from the U.S., with the rest of their classes alongside Chileans throughout the city. The program is sponsored with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), with classes at the Universidad de Chile and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica. Typical enrollment in this program involves 45 students from U.S. colleges and universities. This immersion experience includes homestay living in a Chilean home. You must be in at least your third full-time semester of college and have taken or be enrolled in sixth semester college-level Spanish with a B average.

IU Summer/Semester programs in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic: Conversation/Service Learning (2 weeks)

Dominican Republic: Culture and Conversation (5 weeks)

This IU-administered summer program is led by faculty from the IU Bloomington Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Students enroll in two Spanish content courses, with instruction provided by IU faculty members, including Erik Willis. Along with experiencing the large, provincial city of Santiago, you can engage with local culture through volunteering, a homestay (with meals) with a Dominican family, and cultural excursions. These include a 3-day class trip to Bayahibe, a resort town known for its beaches and dive sites. Classes are conducted at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Madre y Maestra, with local arrangements facilitated by CIEE.

Earn 6 IU credits with this course, open to 18-24 Indiana University Bloomington students. To be eligible, you must be in at least your second full-time semester of college and have taken or are enrolled in fifth semester college-level Spanish with a B average.

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Dominican Republic – CIEE Liberal Arts

This Indiana University cosponsored semester-long program takes place in Santiago, is a large, provincial city 90 minutes from the coast. Earn 15-18 IU credits in a combination of CIEE courses alongside other U.S.-based students and take courses with Dominicans at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. Additional credits are available if you opt to enroll in a service learning or a Teaching English as a Second Language course. Typical enrollment involves 25 students from U.S. colleges and universities. Homestay includes meals with residents of the Dominican Republic. Qualified applicants are in at least third full-time semester of college and have taken or are enrolled in fourth semester college-level Spanish with a B average.

IU Study Abroad: Dominican Republic July-Aug. 2018

This program takes place in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic (DR). The second-largest city in the DR, Santiago is a truly authentic experience of the DR. Known for its safety and cultural richness, it is also home to a major baseball stadium, the Centro León, and many other cultural and historical sites.

Two classes are offered (6 credits): S324/S495 and S317/, taught by IU faculty from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. It features Excursions guided by IU professors and local staff, including: Charcos de Damajagua, Los Haitises, Cueva de chico, Museo Mirabal, Sendero del cacao, Capt Kidd shipwreck.

The program is for Spanish majors and minors who have taken S280 and received a B (3.0 GPA) or above. The application requires two letters of recommendation and a statement from the student.

The cost of $4,500 includes room and board, tuition, fees, Health insurance in the Dominican Republic, and most excursions. Students are responsible for roundtrip airfare. Home-stays and in-country support (medical and safety) are provided by Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). All host families have extensive experience with foreign students.

Application information will be available at Contact Professor Erik Willis ( or Professor Guilleromo López Prieto ( for additional details.

Dominican Republic – Community Public Health program track

In this CIEE co-sponsored semester, all taught courses are taught in Spanish. Earn 10 IU credits with the following: Pre-Professional Healthcare Issues (4 cr.): SPH-B 350 or HISP-S 412, Community Health Practicum (3 cr.): SPH-B 350 or HISP-OS 300, Spanish language course (3 cr.): HISP-S 317. To be eligible, you must be in at least your second full-time semester of college, and have taken or are enrolled in fourth semester college-level Spanish with a B average.

IU Summer/Semester programs in Ecuador

Quito IES Area Studies and Language

Quito is a picturesque Andean city in Ecuador with an historic old center that has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. Participants In this co-sponsored Area Studies and Language semester program take courses in Spanish with other U.S.-based students at the IES Abroad center. You may also enroll in a service learning seminar or take courses at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito with Ecuadorians. Your cohort includes 20-30 students from U.S. colleges and universities. Students live in private homes in Quito with families or señoras, with all meals provided.

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Quito IES Language and Environmental Studies Summer Program

Based in the picturesque Andean city of Quito, this thematic summer program includes a three-week excursion to the Galápagos Islands. Students enroll in center-based courses on the environment and Spanish language with 10-15 students from U.S. colleges and universities. You live in a private home in Quito with a family or señora, with all meals provided. To be eligible, you must be in at least your third full-time semester of college. The program requires enrollment in a Spanish language course (3 credits) and two environmental studies courses taught in English, for 9 IU credits total. On the Galápagos Islands excursion, you explore the ecological diversity of one of Ecuador's most famous sites. You also visit the Amazon region, hiking through the world's largest and most biologically-diverse rainforest.

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