Portuguese B.A.

Undergraduate study in Portuguese

Spoken on four continents, Portuguese is the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. Our Portuguese program, established in the 1960s, is one of the oldest and most respected in the nation.

Our faculty have lived, traveled, and studied in Brazil, Portugal, and Lusophone Africa, giving you access to some of the latest research in the field.

While your initial focus is on the study of the Portuguese language, you also gain an in-depth encounter with the rich and diverse realm of Portuguese, Brazilian, and Lusophone African literature and culture. Your courses explore topics such as race, ethnicity, national cinemas, and women's writing. The study of language, literature, and culture gives special emphasis to issues of historical and political importance that cut across geographic boundaries in the Portuguese-speaking world.

Combine your degree with other areas of study

This degree combines well with others. A number of Portuguese majors and minors also major in Spanish. They supplement their knowledge by learning Portuguese and studying the culture and literature of Portuguese-speaking countries.

You might consider a double or triple major in other fields as well. You can choose secondary degrees in complementary areas such as Latin American Studies, International Studies, and History.

We also offer a minor in Portuguese that complements many areas of study. For the Portuguese minor, you complete 15 credit hours. To find specific requirements, refer to the Bulletin or the Undergraduate Student Portal.

Talk to the undergraduate advisor to craft your own pathway to the degree that helps you meet your goals.

Overseas study

Students of Portuguese are encouraged to take advantage of Study Abroad opportunities. IU offers three CIEE-sponsored programs, in Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon.

Visit the Overseas Studies website