Methods of Teaching College Spanish

HISP-S 517 - Prof. Gurzynski-Weiss — Fall 2022

Laura Gurzynski-Weiss
WT- 12-029B
Days and Times
MW 11:30A - 12:45P
Course Description

HISP-S 517  Methods of Teaching College Spanish  (3 credits)                        LINGUISTICS
Prerequisite:  Must be a graduate student

This course provides a foundation in theory and techniques for teaching university-level second language (L2) in a classroom setting, utilizing the principles of task-supported and task-based language teaching. Students will critically review pedagogically-relevant research on instructed second language acquisition and learn how to implement current findings into effective task-supported teaching practices. Throughout the semester, students will complete a weekly online reflective teaching journal, edit, design, and practice task-based lessons with their colleagues, develop a statement of personal teaching philosophy, complete classroom observations, analyze and improve teaching materials including assessments, and design, conduct, and share findings from an action research project. These components may be used in current and future classrooms, as well as in online teaching portfolios and job application dossiers. 

HISP-S 517 #6866      11:30A - 12:45P   MW     WT- 12-029B    Prof. Laura Gurzynski-Weiss

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