Conquest and Colonialism in Latin America

HISP-S 558 - Prof. Myers — Fall 2022

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Kathleen Myers
AC C1103
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MW 9:45A - 11:00A
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HISP-S 558 Conquest and Colonialism in Latin America

Colonialism in the Americas initiated social processes that persisted well beyond the three hundred years of Spanish rule, and that continue to affect contemporary Latin American politics, culture, and racialization.  This course will begin with an examination of 16th century practices that reconfigured the use of space, resources, and people in support of the colonial project (2 weeks: Columbus, Cortés, Las Casas).  We will then devote the remainder of the semester to exploring a variety of voices from the period that reflect racial and gender categories emerging out of initial colonial contact.  First, we will view indigenous and mestizo documents from the colonial era, alongside 20th century cultural production (4 weeks:  colonial codices, Sahagún, Alva lxtlilxochitl, Guaman Poma; 20th century indigenous petitions, lienzos, and grassroots movements).  Next, we will examine how secularization has limited our understanding of gender and the transmission of a Spanish female writing tradition to the Americas.  Focusing on paradigms for inhabiting a Spanish religious space/role and how these are reconfigured by the “new world” reality of indigenous inhabitants and Afro-Hispanic slaves, we will read colonial texts and view contemporary films about some central figures (4 weeks: the Monja Alferez, Sor Juana, Santa Teresa/María de San José, Juan Francisco Manzano and 20-21st century films).   The final three weeks of the semester will be devoted to student projects, beginning with time for research and consultation with the professor and culminating with a student-run colloquium and final paper.  Students studying for the MA exam may substitute readings to help them prepare for exams. All students will be encouraged to bring in materials and interests from their own disciplines/areas of study for both class presentations and the final project, linking their own work with any of the themes, theories or time periods studied in class.

HISP-S #32061           9:45A - 11:00A          MW         AC C1103        Prof. Kathleen Myers

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