Leslie Del Carpio

Leslie Del Carpio

Assistant Professor, Spanish and Portuguese


  • Ph.D., Spanish Linguistics, Arizona State University
  • M.A., Spanish Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • B.A., Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • A.S., Sciences, Parkland College

About Leslie Del Carpio

I specialize in Sociolinguistics, with my primary research focus encompassing Heritage Language Studies and Pedagogy, as well as Language Variation. Within the realm of Heritage Language Studies, I investigate the efficacy of Critical Language Awareness in enhancing the educational experiences of Spanish Heritage Language Learners, particularly examining their community-building dynamics within the state of Indiana. Additionally, my research delves into the morphosyntactic characteristics of Spanish varieties in the United States, aiming to contribute to studies that establish their linguistic legitimacy. This investigation extends to the analysis of prevailing linguistic attitudes and ideologies surrounding these varieties and their speakers. 

On the language variation front, my work explores diverse morphosyntactic features of Spanish in contact with Quechua and Kichwa in varieties of contact and migratory regions in Peru and Ecuador. Furthermore, I hold a role as co-principal investigator in the Peruzonians project, an initiative dedicated to creating a Living Archive of the Peruvian Migrant Experience in Arizona. The project's core mission centers on promoting interculturality and nurturing a strengthened sense of identity among Peruvian migrants in Arizona.

Selected publications

Peered- reviewed articles and book chapters
  • Del Carpio, L., & Vana, R. (2024). (Re) Imagining Study-Away as a Tool Toward Linguistic Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice for Speakers of us Spanish. In L. Padilla & R. Vana, Representation, Inclusion and Social Justice in World Language Teaching (pp. 145-165). Routledge. 
  • Del Carpio, L. (2023). First person singular subject pronoun expression of young Spanish speakers from Quito, Ecuador. Spanish in Context. https://doi.org/10.1075/sic.21015.del
  • Del Carpio, L., Ochoa, V. (2022). Language Ideologies in the Spanish Heritage Language Classroom: (Mis)alignment Between Instructor and Students’ Realities. Languages 7:187. https://doi.org/10.3390/languages7030187
  • Del Carpio, L. (2021). Heritage Language Learners’ Attitudes towards Familiar Varieties of Spanish. Spanish and Portuguese Review.
  • Tecedor, M., Del Carpio, L., & Ochoa, V. (2021). Novice or expert? Heritage speaker's orientation to the novice-expert paradigm. Journal of Pragmatics 182, 253-264.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.pragma.2021.02.013


  • Advanced Spanish for Heritage Speakers 
  • Spanish Writing for Heritage Speakers 
  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics 
  • Spanish in the US & Bilingualism 
  • Heritage Language Pedagogy 
  • Approaches to Heritage Language Research